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Google’s self driving car could enable my independence

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that Google put a blind person behind the wheel of a self driving car. This is amazing. Being blind myself, I will never be able to drive. I will always have to depend on someone else if I need to go to the store or to an appointment. I could take public transportation, but that’s only available in cities mostly (where I live currently doesn’t have much public transportation).
If Google could make these cars mainstream, I would probably try to get one as soon as possible. The only issues I could see would be liability issues and potentially issues with the sensors causing accidents and such, but accidents would be much less common with self driving cars (especially if every car was self driving and could communicate with each other).

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How to: Make any Chrome web app into a desktop app

For a while, Google has had a Chrome web app store which allows you to install apps in Google Chrome. These apps usually just run in a separate tab, which can be pinned to the side. But what if you want some of these apps to be in a separate window like a normal desktop app? It’s very simple.

  1. Open the app in Chrome that you want to make a desktop app.
  2. Click the wrench icon on the top right
  3. Go to Tools > Create Application Shortcuts
  4. Select where you want the shortcuts to be added (Desktop, Start Menu, and/or Pin to Taskbar)
  5. Click Create.

A shortcut to that web app now has been added to wherever you selected. Launching that app now will open it in a separate window without any of Chrome’s toolbars. I used this method to make a Gmail web app that’s pinned to my taskbar. Another neat thing is that, since these are just stripped down browser windows, things like HTML5 notifications still work as before (so, for example, Gmail will function like a native desktop app for the most part). Also, any links you click will open in a new browser window, so you wont be trapped in the apps own window.

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Mystery Google

Mystery Google is a fun website. Basically, you type in a search query but it does not display your results. Mystery Google displays the results of the previous searcher. It really seems pointless at first, but it’s fun if you do “missions” or send missions. I will be sending a few missions to say to comment here, and lets see what happens.


Google Timing out on one computer

For a few weeks I’ve had this strange problem where Google (web search only) would not load on just my computer. After changing to search engine in my search bar to Yahoo and doing a LOT of searching, today I finally found a solution. I can’t remember where I got it and I can’t find the website again, but I ran a command in Command Prompt, restarted, and my problem was fixed.
The command I used was pretty long, but I think the base command was Netsh for anyone else that may be having a similar problem.

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Firefox Tip: Quick Google Search, Quick Youtube Search, Facebook in sidebar

If you have ever wanted to do a quick google or youtube search from your address bar in firefox then this is possible. Another thing you can do is open any website in the sidebar.

Google and YouTube search from address bar
*This method can be used for any search engine that shows the search terms in the address bar

Go to the search engine (Google, Yahoo, or even YouTube)
Bookmark this page (I suggest making a new folder for these)
Click View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
Open the folder containing your bookmark.
Right click it and click Properties
*IMPORTANT PART* Find, in the address, where the search term is. Highlight it and delete it. In it’s place type in “%s” (without quotes) In the keyword box type what you would like the word to be (ex. google, youtube, yahoo, etc)
Hit OK.
To access these from now on you can simply type your keyword you set followed by the search term. As an example:
google Hello World
will bring up a google search with those terms.

Facebook (or any website) in the sidebar in Firefox
Click View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
Find the bookmark you want and right click it.
Click Properties
Check the box that says “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”
Hit OK.

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Google's Web Browser: Chrome

I just downloaded Chrome, the web browser from Google. It is currently in BETA but for being in BETA it is pretty well put together. I am posting this from Chrome.
My first thoughts are that the interface reminds me too much of the default Windows XP theme. If/when they come out with a skinning feature then that is the first thing I will do.
It takes, to me, about the same time to load web pages in Chrome and Firefox.

One thing that I really don’t like is that there is no menu bar. I could get used to the settings button next to the address bar but it feels like I’m using another OS.
Another thing that I don’t really like is that the tabs are above the address bar. I know, a very minor thing. I really like how easy it is to move tabs and that it is very graphical when moving them. It actually shows the tabs moving around as you move a tab.

I don’t like that there isn’t an actual status bar. I’m used to having a status bar separating the browser from the Windows taskbar.

Overall I think it’s a good browser with a lot of potential. I have uninstalled it today but I decided to give it another chance and I think that I’ll stick with Firefox but I’ll keep this browser on my machine in case I want to do a “second look” once it’s out of beta.

Screenshot of Google's Chrome web browser

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