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x10hosting account suspended

Hello to all of my readers.
Just a quick update about my previous website,
If any of you have this website, or any files/pages from this website bookmarked, please update them to point to this blog. My x10hosting account has been suspended because I no longer use it. There is no way for me to access these files ever again. I think I updated the Programs page to point to other locations for the files, but if not I will be correcting it shortly.
To anyone wondering whether you should sign up for this hosting, I’d say it depends on what you want to do. Definitely read the TOS, because you are not allowed to use this site for file hosting unless it’s directly related to your website. This is what got me suspended, because I left my wordpress install there when I abandoned the site. If you just want a basic website (or even a small blog or forum) this is an OK service. Note however, that if you don’t log in to the forums every 30 days, you account is temporarily suspended until you log in and un-suspend it. You do get warnings before you’re suspended (for this anyway. I was not warned about my permanent suspension).
If you are planning on hosting a large site, I would not recommend this service. You only get 3 MySQL databases, and everything else is limited as well. Although I would recommend not using a free host if you are looking to host a large website.

Thanks for reading,


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