If you want to chat with me and other visitors to my website, please go to my chatroom. You can get computer support or just sit around and talk about random things. My chatroom is hosted on and the channel is #lhamil. Please set this up in your IRC clients (or use the flash based chat below) and start chatting!

Rules of the chatroom:

  • Do not use all caps. Typing in all capital letters is considered yelling, and is not polite.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. If your question wasn’t answered the first time, most likely nobody knows how to answer it. If you think it didn’t get noticed, say it again but with more details than before.
  • Don’t mini-mod. If you are not a moderator, you have the same status as other users. Don’t tell people what to do. Leave that up to the mods. If no moderators are in the chat, use the Contact Me form to tell me the issues in the chat.
  • No wars. A war is something like “Mac Vs PC” and will not be tolerated. If you start a war, you will be warned by a moderator. If you continue, you will be kicked from the channel (and banned if you do it again).
  • You must comply with the GeekShed rules as well as the ones listed here. Not following one or more of either these rules or the GeekShed rules will get you kicked or banned from my channel or even the GeekShed servers, depending on the rule broken. The GeekShed rules can be found at:

As long as you follow the above rules, you will probably have a good time in my channel. Currently, it isn’t very active though so go ahead and come in, and invite people you think will be interested!

Note: A password is not required unless you are registered on GeekShed. If you don’t think you are registered, login without a password and it will still work. You will be notified if you need a password.

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