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Keyboard Test

I recently stumbled on a neat trick with your keyboard. Basically, hold both shift keys and type.
It’s a fun test to type either the Alphabet or “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Here’s my results both ways:

Notice how in the second one, I can’t type “DOG”

Try it for yourself! Post a comment with your results.


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Firefox Tip: Quick Google Search, Quick Youtube Search, Facebook in sidebar

If you have ever wanted to do a quick google or youtube search from your address bar in firefox then this is possible. Another thing you can do is open any website in the sidebar.

Google and YouTube search from address bar
*This method can be used for any search engine that shows the search terms in the address bar

Go to the search engine (Google, Yahoo, or even YouTube)
Bookmark this page (I suggest making a new folder for these)
Click View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
Open the folder containing your bookmark.
Right click it and click Properties
*IMPORTANT PART* Find, in the address, where the search term is. Highlight it and delete it. In it’s place type in “%s” (without quotes) In the keyword box type what you would like the word to be (ex. google, youtube, yahoo, etc)
Hit OK.
To access these from now on you can simply type your keyword you set followed by the search term. As an example:
google Hello World
will bring up a google search with those terms.

Facebook (or any website) in the sidebar in Firefox
Click View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
Find the bookmark you want and right click it.
Click Properties
Check the box that says “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”
Hit OK.

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