Would you buy Cable TV from Google?

Last week sometime, Google filed for a “video franchise license” in Missouri, right around where they have been offering their Fiber optic internet service. If Google is granted this license, it would allow them to sell Cable TV service in this area. If you would like more details, check out the source link below, but I wanted to share my options on this.

When I first read this news, I was somewhat confused as to why Google would want to get into the cable TV market. With all of the online TV and movie services, it seems that people are trying to move AWAY from cable, not towards it. The only reason I can see is advertising. The majority of Google’s income is from ads, so it makes sense that they would want to make commercials for some extra money, and with the new fiber lines being installed in that area, it would be fairly simple to give users cable TV. Also, Google could integrate this service very nicely with their Google TV’s and possibly YouTube (maybe with the new privacy policy, they’ll use YouTube videos for the commercials?)

I’m not sure that I would actually sign up for cable TV from Google. I’m not planning on having actual cable TV in the future, since I don’t watch much TV anyway (pretty much just one or two shows a night, and I can watch those online). The only way I’d sign up is if it came bundled with Google’s Internet service (which is only available in Kansas City, and I don’t think there are any plans for it to come to my area soon).

Would you sign up for cable TV from Google if it were offered in your area?

The New York Post

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