Google Chrome: Updating done right

Many people, myself included, use Google Chrome as their default web browser. There are many good points about Chrome, such as it’s speed and support for the latest HTML5 features. But I would like to focus on just one: how it updates. For me, I have almost never actually upgraded Google Chrome in the traditional sense. It updates completely in the background without displaying anything to the user. This is why it’s so great. In almost all other application’s I’ve used, when a new version is released, a box pops up and you have to spend time downloading and installing the new version. This is especially annoying with web browsers, because it mostly happens right when the browser launches, and usually, you never want to upgrade when it first opens (because you opened it for a purpose).

With Chrome, you can just open and use it like normal, without any interference, and always be at the latest version. “It just works.”

This is especially important to less tech-savvy users. Typically, many prompts to upgrade their software will result in frustration and they might just cancel the upgrades and keep using out-of-date versions. This is potentially dangerous, as updates patch security holes which prevents viruses and malware from entering the user’s computer. Chrome allows you to always have those holes patched, and never have to take time to upgrade.


To all other software manufacturers, PLEASE adopt Google’s strategy of updating in the background automatically.

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