RANT: Netflix changing pricing options

Netflix just announced new pricing options. They are going to be splitting up streaming and dvd rentals into two separate plans. The streaming only plan will be $7.99 a month, and the new DVD rental only (1 dvd out at a time) plan will also be $7.99 a month. The worst part? To get both services, you will have to subscribe to BOTH plans. The old $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming and 1 DVD at a time will be completely phased out. After September 1st, 2011, anyone on the old $10 plan will be forced to change. To keep the same service, the price will increase to $15.98. This is ridiculous! Why make many existing (and loyal) customers pay MORE to get the same service?? If every movie Netflix offered was available to stream, then this wouldn’t be as bad, but considering the streaming selection isn’t all that large, this is just stupid. Part of this isn’t Netflix’s fault, it’s the record labels. However, Netflix could still offer a discounted plan for both streaming and dvd rentals.

Unless Netflix changes these prices, I can see many upset customers leaving for other services such as Redbox.


Read the official post on the Netflix blog for more information

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