Google Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Embedded video via Google’s Youtube channel.

Today, Google announced Chromebooks at Google I/O. If you’ve never heard of Chrome OS, it’s basically an operating system that’s just Google Chrome. Everything is on the web. The video above shows this. Google is also allowing schools to rent Chromebooks for $20 a month, and businesses for $28 a month (per netbook).

I can see how these would be useful when you constantly have internet access, but what happens when you don’t? Sure you can use the 3g connection, but what if you don’t want to pay for a data plan? This can be a big problem, since the netbook is pretty much useless without internet access. What would be very nice is if Google enabled offline access for most (if not all) of their apps (such as Google Docs and Calendar). Then any new data could be synced once you have internet access again.

What are your thoughts on Google’s Chromebooks?

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