Writing a Guest Blog Post

If you look at the top of the page (at the navigation bar) you will notice a new page titled “Submit a Blog Post.” I have created this page to allow users to submit guest blog posts. If you have a good idea for a post and want to write it yourself, use the form on the “Submit a Blog Post” page. It will email me the contents of your post. Try to keep the following points/guidelines in mind while writing:

  • The post has to be professional. If you use too many acronyms or “chat speak,” your post will not be accepted.
  • Try to use proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation,  and grammar. I will fix any obvious mistakes I find, however if the post contains too many errors, I will throw it out.
  • Use a title appropriate to the post. For example, if your post is about keyboards, don’t have a title about monitors.
  • Keep the post relevant to my website. I wont be too strict on the topic, but if it is completely unrelated to technology, it probably wont be accepted.
  • The form will be submitted as plain text. This means that, in order for something be be in bold or underlined, you must use HTML. An example is on the “Submit a Blog Post” page.
  • Images must be uploaded on an image hosting website. I will not upload images for you.
  • Don’t use huge images. Some readers might have slower connections. Large images also cause the layout of the page to change, which isn’t ideal. If you use large images, I may replace them with either thumbnails or links.

If I decide to accept your blog post, I will give you credit at the top of the post with a link to your website (or other online presence).

  1. #1 by Scott on June 23, 2011 - 1:09 am

    Can the blog spot be a post about a particular subject. Can the subject be say free seo advice for anyone listening or something to that effect or are you looking for blogs that talk about movie stars? Just wondering I think it could be interesting to be a guest blogger on your site. Thanks for the offer. I will await your response.

    • #2 by Lee on June 23, 2011 - 1:52 am

      I removed the spam link. The guest blog post can be about any topic you want, as long as it’s somewhat connected to technology (as is stated in the blog post).

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