Windows 7 bans words from being pinned

I have recently found an annoyance in Windows 7. Certain items can’t be pinned to the taskbar, and the reason is a little stupid.

I use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs (if you don’t know, it cleans up files and registry entries left behind after the uninstall). To try and clean up my desktop, I tried putting it’s shortcut on the taskbar. Trying to drag it to the taskbar failed, so I went into the start menu hoping there would be a “Pin to taskbar” context menu item. There wasn’t. There wasn’t even a “Pin to start menu” item either. Very curious about why I couldn’t pin this shortcut anywhere, I started searching the internet. Apparently, there are certain words that can’t be in the shortcut or it won’t be pinned. After looking a little more, I found out that there is an entry in the registry that contains every banned word. The word “Install” is amongst them. I renamed the shortcut to “Revo” and Windows allowed me to pin it just fine. For anyone curious, here’s a list of every word from the registry entry:

  • Documentation
  • Help
  • Install
  • More Info
  • Readme
  • Read me
  • Read First
  • Setup
  • Support
  • What’s New
  • Remove

That’s a LOT of words not allowed on the start menu.

There is a fix however. If you edit the key to remove a word (then log off and back on) it will allow you to pin something with that word. I didn’t try clearing the whole entry (I recommend you don’t) but removing Documentation allowed me to pin an exe file titled documentation.

The registry entry is located at:


and the entry is AddRemoveNames

In case you want to revert back to the default, the original contents of the entry are:

Documentation;Help;Install;More Info;Readme;Read me;Read First;Setup;Support;What’s New;Remove


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