Will e-Readers ever replace physical books?

With all the hype of tablets and e-readers coming out, I thought this was an interesting topic. As of right now, I do not own an actual e-reader. The closest I come is my iPod Touch with iBooks. I do, however, have some books on my computer. I think books will never be completely replaced. There are a few reasons why I think this. One, computers are kind of expensive. That can also expand to anything “technical.” Not everyone can afford a laptop, iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. Books are cheaper right now because they’re just paper (for the most part). Also, e-readers require a power source. This means that if you get stuck somewhere without electricity, and your e-reader’s battery dies, then you can’t access the content on that e-reader. With books, you can read them almost anywhere, even if you don’t have any source of electricity. Another negative of e-readers is that they can cause more eye strain than reading from paper would. This is more true with devices such as computers and iPads. Other devices, such as the Kindle, have eInk displays, which (I’ve been told) look almost like paper. If reading with an e-reader causes eye strain, then people are not going to use them. They would rather use normal books.

I do see the uses with e-readers however. They can hold more than one book at a time, so they take up much less space than having the same amount of physical books. This is very helpful for collage students. Instead of having to carry a bunch of books around, they can just carry the e-reader. It also allows them to carry around every book (assuming all the books are available for whatever e-reader they choose) instead of having to worry about taking the right book for the class. E-readers also make it much easier to gain access to a certain book. With traditional books, you have to go to the library and check out a book. With e-readers, you can just open up the store on the device, and buy a book for a few dollars. The book is then downloaded to the device and can be read right away. There are also no late-fees. If the book is rented from an online store, it will just become unusable after a certain period of time.

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