My predictions for September 1st

If you follow Apple at all, you probably know that there is an Apple event on the first of September. There have been many rumors about what’s coming, but here are my predictions:

1. A new iPod Touch
I am pretty confident that there will be a new iPod touch coming. I think it will have a front facing VGA camera. I would like it to have a rear facing camera as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just had a front facing camera for FaceTime. I also expect it to have a retina display, A4 processor, and similar design to the iPhone 4. I’m not sure if Apple will keep the metal antenna around the side, since it caused so many problems with the iPhone 4.

2. Either a new iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle
There have been rumors about the Nano getting a touchscreen and losing the click wheel. If they release a touchscreen-only iPod Nano, I know of a few people who would definitely not upgrade. The main reason they have a Nano is because you can change songs in your pocket (or without looking) because of the tactile click wheel. I can see Apple releasing a touch-only Nano though, because they are not fans of buttons. I could also see a new iPod Shuffle with a small screen (maybe touch, maybe not) as it would make it easier to use.
I think that this will be the main focus of the event, since it is music-centric.

3. iOS 4 for the iPad
The iPad has to get iOS 4 sometime, so why not make it at this event? It will most likely bring multitasking, folders, etc. There isn’t really much to explain about this one, since you’ve most likely know what’s in iOS 4 (if not, search my blog. I have a post about it)

There have also been rumors of a Verizon iPhone coming. I don’t really believe most of these. I will believe a Verizon iPhone when I see it. I also doubt that they would release it in a music-centric event. If they release one, it will have it’s own event.

That’s really all I think so far. They can’t update everything!

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