Setting up a router with Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to setup a new (store-bought) router with my Time Warner Cable modem. This is what happened. Before setting up the router, I had been using the Time Warner provided modem (which also acted as a wireless router). I had been living with this for a long time (technically since we signed up for TWC RR, but we’ve had the modem replaced once) but I started getting annoyed because we could only connect up to 5 devices at a time. In my house (currently) there are four computers, an iPod Touch, and a Nintendo Wii. That’s 6 devices that connect to the Internet. I also wanted more control over my router settings. I received a new Belkin router (I believe purchased at Walmart). Before I got the router, I discussed the 5 device limit with Time Warner over Twitter and discovered that the current modem would have to be put into bridge mode. It made sense, since I’ve helped others setup a router in the past. This is the weird part. The only way the modem could be put into bridge mode was to call Tier 3 support and have them do it (it’s not a user accessible feature). Time Warner gave me the number to call for tech support (my local number). I had to call this number previously and it isn’t the greatest system in the world. You have to go through many menu’s, and there are only 2 options for Roadrunner support. Neither of the two options were really close to what I wanted. I went back to Twitter and told the Time Warner account my issue with calling in. They DM’ed me a private number (and told me not to give it out). I called this number and was told that all the reps were not available and was put on hold. After waiting for a little bit, I decided to hang up and try again. This time it was just a busy signal. I went to Twitter again, told the TWC account about the busy signal, and was given another private number. The same thing happened. I was put on hold the first time, and got a busy signal every other time. The Time Warner Twitter account apologized and said they could have a TWC rep call my house. At the time, I was just about to leave for the Fourth of July weekend, where I would have no internet access. I asked if they could call me when I got back and they said they could. I asked the TWC account when a rep could call me but then had to leave to pick up some things at Walmart. While I was gone, the TWC account asked me the best number to contact me. Since I didn’t answer, they looked up the number for the account on file. A rep called and left a message (leaving the number to call back as the first number that didn’t have a relevant option) but thought I was having trouble connecting to a wireless network. Um.. no, that wasn’t the problem.

Yesterday (7/9/10) I finally told the TWC account call my house. When they called, I was surprised. The rep calling me knew exactly what I wanted done. When I answered the rep said “I understand you want your modem to be put into bridge mode?” which was exactly what I wanted. The rep said he was logging into the modem and was silent for a few minutes. He then came back and said that it was in bridge mode and was rebooting. I was very relieved. I unplugged the computer that was hard-wired to the modem and plugged in the router. I thanked the rep and hung up (the rep I spoke with on the phone was very good) but the trouble didn’t end here.

I had installed the router software previously. I tried connecting with the computer that had the software installed, but it wouldn’t connect. It kept trying to acquire a network address but then disconnecting. The hard-wired computer worked fine. I then tried connecting my laptop. I installed the router software and it did the same thing as my desktop (both wireless, both had the software installed). I finally realized that the router software must be causing some sort of problem, so I uninstalled it from my laptop and it connected fine. I then uninstalled the router software from my desktop, which then connected fine as well. I then connected the Wii, iPod Touch, and fourth computer fine without any issues. I still find it ironic that the software, that came with the router, screwed up the connection to the router.

Anyway, the router is now working fine and every internet-enabled device in my house is now connected fine and simultaneously.

The Time Warner support was very helpful and patient. I do find it very annoying that I couldn’t have just put my modem into bridge mode by myself (like other ISP’s allow) but other than that I think it went pretty much OK.

Sorry this was such a long post, but it summed up my struggles in the past few weeks (regarding Time Warner anyway)

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