iPhone 4

On Monday at the WWDC, Apple released the new iPhone 4 and announced the release date of iOS 4. I personally think that it is a good upgrade for the iPhone, but I feel like the UI should definitely be upgraded a lot. The UI has been the exact same since 2007 and is starting to look boring. Here is a quick rundown of the new features:

A new front facing camera, along with “FaceTime” which is Apple’s implementation of video chat (although it only works over wifi)

Hardware: Flat back, thinner, “retina screen,” new processor, white version is completely white (even on front).

Upgraded camera: 5mpx, 720p video capture, flash (camera flash, not Adobe flash)

iMovie for iPhone

Everything else is basically just iPhone OS 4 that was announced a while ago.

This was just a quick skim over the new features and doesn’t cover some of the smaller changes but all of those can be found, in better detail, elsewhere.

I will also do a review of some new iOS 4 features when the software update comes on the 21st. I won’t be able to cover multitasking or some other features because I’m using an iPod Touch 2nd generation, which only receives certain features.

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