Rant on Time Warner Cable (roadrunner) Customer Service

Since the router/modem was upgraded in my house by a Roadrunner service person, we’ve had many problems. One such problem is very annoying. Our router only allows about three computers connected at once. I decided to try and solve the problem so I logged on to Roadrunner’s online Live chat. I described my problem and was told I needed to call a number. When I called this number, I was told that it was in a different city than I’m in. The person on the phone gave me a local number to call. When I called this number, I went through some menu’s and ended up in a Roadrunner problems menu. I had two options, one about “email, browsers, virus software (etc)” and one about not able to connect to Roadrunner. The only close option in those two is not able to connect, but that’s not really what my problem is. My problem is with the equipment because I can connect to the router with as many computers I want, but after about 3, the rest get “Limited to no connectivity” errors.

Anyone else experience this error? Care to explain a solution?

I’ll try my luck back in the chat tomorrow and hopefully get somewhere useful.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on May 23, 2010 - 10:21 am

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