Opera Mini approved by Apple

Opera LogoA few months ago, Opera announced that they were creating Opera Mini for the iPhone. Opera was sure that Apple would accept their app. It was widely speculated that the app wouldn’t be accepted because it “duplicated native iPhone capabilities.”
It looks like Opera was right. Apple has approved the Opera mini application.

What makes this app different is the way it speeds up browsing. The website data is created on Opera’s servers and is then transferred to the device. This makes web browsing much quicker because the servers do all the hard work.

One thing that somewhat cripples this browser is the locked down nature of the iPhone OS. Because Apple doesn’t allow changing of the default browser, clicked links in an email or IM will open in Safari and not Opera. It should still be a good browser though.
I will be downloading it when it is available in the app store and I will probably post a review.


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