This is just getting ridiculous

Not too long ago I made a blog post complaining that x10hosting’s upgrades were really starting to annoy me. If you haven’t noticed, that post is no longer on my blog. I did not delete that post. The reason why it is removed is because of the upgrades that x10hosting is doing. They updated MySQL (which is why I wrote the post that was deleted). In the process of updating, users apparently lost information about 48 hours from a little bit after the update was finished. Fortunately for me, this was only one post. Others however lost more information while some people even lost everything in their databases. I did backup my database right before anything happened so I will try to re-post the removed blog post.

Well I went into my database backup and found the post but I can’t figure out how to import just one line from a backup. I can import my entire backup but that’s a pain and I have no idea if every post will be duplicate. I would try harder if it were a more important post but I think this post replaces it fine enough.

I really hope that the upgrades are over (my host says they are over if I am reading their posts correctly) so that I do not have any more problems.
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