iPad is released today

If you subscribe to tech sites (like I do in Google Reader) then you know all about the iPad. It’s almost the only thing websites like Gizmodo and TechCrunch have been talking about for the past couple of months. Today is even worse. The Apple iPad, the Wifi-only version, is arriving to the houses of those who preordered it. It is also available in Apple stores. Personally, I’m fine for now with my iPod Touch because if I’m home, I do most of my web browsing on my computer. If I just want to find something quick, I will use my iPod. I do however really like how most of the applications in the App Store (well, the popular ones anyway) have created iPad versions, which look very nice. These apps really take advantage of the larger screen and make the iPad almost like a full computer-like experience (I say almost because multitasking isn’t available unless it’s jailbroken).
Has anyone reading this ordered an iPad, or maybe planning on picking one up? If so, leave a comment! It would be interesting to see how many people (reading this) are planning on buying one.

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