Mystery Google on its way out?

I went to mystery Google today and discovered a somewhat surprising message. The message states:

This will be the last week for Mystery Google.
To continue the fun please check out Mystery Missions.

I went to Mystery Missions and it looks like it’s taking the MISSION: concept from Mystery Google, adding a bunch of features, and starting a new service. I will not be registering (and therefore not using) mystery missions because it requires the user to enter a phone number, and I am not going to give my number out to strangers.

If you want to share your number, then try signing up but for now, goodbye Mystery Google.

I tried signing up using my Google Voice number but I get an SQL error. Anyone else get this?

  1. #1 by Ardee on February 8, 2010 - 3:50 am

    Hey this is Ardee from Mystery Missions, I am one of the admins for the site. First off we don’t share your phone number with anyone as we outline in our TOS & Privacy policy. We only use it to send a verification text when you register. Also we don’t currently offer google voice support as it’s too easy to get new numbers and bypass the validation. Once we are out of beta you will be able to sign up without a phone number.

    I attempted to reproduce your SQL error but was unable to, if you could email with what you did to cause the error it would help us greatly.

    Thanks for checking us out and your continued support!

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