Problems updating iPod Touch

Recently I decided to upgrade my iPod Touch to the latest firmware. It was a very minor upgrade (from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3) Unfortunately, something happened during the upgrade and an error occurred. When I got back to my iPod screen, iTunes said that it was in recovery mode. When an iPod is in recovery mode it must be restored. For some reason my apps didn’t sync when it made a backup so it put the apps that were in iTunes onto my iPod. The majority of my apps were there bur a lot of the newer ones weren’t there. My iPod is working again (I’m using it to type this) but it is a major pain trying to remember what apps I had before all of this happened. I also had to update 38 of my applications, which was not a fast process. I still have blanks and feel like I’m missing some apps but at least it’s working again.



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