On the 27th, the Apple iPad was announced. If you don’t already know, the iPad is a tablet computer running the same OS as the iPhone and iPod Touch (for the most part). As soon as I saw a picture of the iPad, I instantly thought “Oh great. An over sized iPod Touch.” That’s pretty much what it is. the iPad does have a lot better specs but in terms of design and OS, it really is a giant iPod touch. It can run all iPhone apps (starting in a small screen to emulate an iphone screen with a 2x button to make it full screen) and Apple added new tools to their SDK to help develope iPad apps specifically.

I really can’t say much better what others have said but if you want to find out more information, head over to http://apple.com/ipad (note: there is no ipad.com.. im sure that domain will be bought by Apple eventually)

You can see in the picture above that the interface is pretty much exactly like the iPhone and iPod touches. You can also see that it looks very much like an enlarged iPod Touch.

As seen in this picture, the iPad has a hard keyboard accessory. You can also attach a bluetooth wireless keyboard because the iPad has full bluetooth support.

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