Install games/apps from memory card on Samsung Eternity

I have a Samsung Eternity. If you have one, you may have heard of or are even part of This is a great forum with some very knowledgeable people who have found a lot of hacks for the Eternity.

The most recent breakthrough was from Agoattamer who figured out how to install Games and Applications from the memory card. The post is here:

Basically, you just install the application BlueFTP (which is posted at the end of the forum post, you have to be a member to download it though). Once BlueFTP is installed and app you want is in it’s own folder on the memory card, you simply copy the folder into the filesystem with BlueFTP. I won’t go into detail here so if you want step by step instructions, please visit the forum post linked above.

This is a really great discovery because the previous method was that you had to use TK File Explorer, which is a very buggy program.

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