How to make free calls with Skype

This is a somewhat already known trick, but I just found out about it today and thought it would be a cool thing to share. Skype is a Voice Over IP service/program, and is free as long as you are calling another Skype user. If you want to call actual phones, you have to buy SkpyeOut credit. There is a trick however. First, call the number 1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-373-3411) even if you don’t have any SkypeOut credit. The service is, unfortunately, ad-supported so you have to listen to an ad before you get to the main menu. Once you are in the main menu, say “Free Call” and it will make you listen to another ad. Once that is done, it will instruct you to enter the phone number.  There is one major drawback though. The free call can only last for 5 minutes and the number that calls them is deactivated as soon as you’re done.

This trick is useful if you want to make a quick call (although its not really quick, you have to listen to a few ads before you can even dial the number) or make a small prank call.

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