WordPress plugins I use

I actually don’t use too many wordpress plugins. I do however have a couple that I use. The main two I use are Akismet and Page Links To. The other ones I have installed are Change Admin Username, Exec-PHP, and WicketPixie Source Manager.


Akismet is a very good, and very popular spam catching plugin for WordPress. My stats have been reset since I moved to this new web host, but it did catch a lot of spam comments on my old host.

Page Links To

This plugin is how I have pages that are not part of wordpress in my navigation bar. At the time of writing this post, I only have a few pages, but when I just used wordpress as a blog and had HTML for the rest of my website, it helped very much in linking to other pages on my website.

Change Admin Username

When wordpress is first installed, there is no option to set the administrator username. On every default wordpress installation, the username is admin. It is possible to change the administrator username to something else, but this plugin makes it much easier.


This plugin makes it possible to insert PHP code into a post or page. I never really got any use out of this plugin because the main purpose was to write a contact form. I could never get emails to send, even though I was writing the PHP code right, so I decided just to use a third party contact form where the email is sent from another website. I will probably end up uninstalling this plugin because it puts a big yellow box above my post editor saying that if I save my post, the PHP code wont work.

WicketPixie Source Manager

This is a plugin that was installed with one of my old themes. If you install the WicketPixie theme by Chris Pirillo, this plugin is installed automatically. Without the theme, this plugin is completely useless.

Well there you have it. my five wordpress plugins that I have installed which will soon be four, after I uninstall Exec-php. If anyone has recommendations for wordpress plugins that I should try, please comment on this post.

Also, if anyone has questions or suggestions for me, feel free to use the contact me page.

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