iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware

I’ve had the 3.0 Firmware installed on my iPod Touch for a few days. Even though it cost about $10 to download (for iPod users, it’s free for iPhone users) it was definitely worth it. Other than the new features it brings, I have noticed a major improvement in speed.
As for new features, it has a few that I really like. One is the Spotlight search. To get to this, you simply swipe left on the home screen, or hit the home button. Once you start typing in something you want to find, it searches through apps, contacts, music, emails, and pretty much everything.

Now there are Push Notifications. Push Notifications are basically when an app sends information to you even if its not running, for example, an IM client could notify you when you have a new IM when it’s not running.

If you have a 2nd Generation iPod Touch, bluetooth is enabled with this software update.

Even though the iPod Touch doesn’t have a mic (you can plug in an external one) the 3.0 upgrade puts a Voice Memos app. This is what it looks like:

Aother thing I would like to share is the changes in the Music app. The first of which is that now there is a search bar at the top, just flick up and it’s above the Shuffle button.

If you double tap the home button from the lock screen, more information is displayed about the song.

Other changes include Shake to Shuffle, landscape mode (for mail, stocks, notes, etc) and Cut/Copy/Paste.

If there’s anything I missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a new blog post for it.

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