Microsoft Office 2000 in Ubuntu 8.04 via Wine

I had a MS Office 2000 disk laying around so I thought I will install it. I am writing this post while I am doing the install so that I can list more details.
First i put the disk in the drive. It didn’t do what the autorun.inf file said but that’s fine. I will just open the setup.exe file. I couldn’t double click the file so i had to right click it and click “Open with WINE Windows Emulator”
All is good so far, i just have to enter the serial number..
That worked! So far so good 🙂
Accept the license agreement…
And I clicked Customize because I don’t want to install EVERYTHING
I basically just selected the basic things, Word Powerpoint Excel Access and Outlook and I got rid of all the Helps and unneeded things.

It’s installing…
So far no errors..

Success! The installer completed without any errors! Now lets see if it opens and runs fine without any errors.

It looks like Word is doing fine. The office assistant wasn’t installed but I never liked that paper clip 😀
Excel opened with no problem and was able to basic addition.
Uh Oh! Here is where the trouble starts. Microsoft Outlook. Aparently it requires Outlook Express. Oh wait, it is still continuing the setup. hmm that’s weird. I will go along with it though. It says that it cannot start. Oh well..
One out of five programs have failed to start so far. Now for PowerPoint
Powerpoint seems to run very well. Now for Access
Access doesn’t run. It needs a DLL (which could probably be downloaded off the internet) but I never have used Access for anything so I woudn’t know what to test out even if it did run.

OK, so out of 5 office applications, only two of them don’t run in Wine. This is very good but who really need MS Office anyway when there is OpenOffice 🙂

By the way, I use Windows XP as my main operating system. Ubuntu 8.04 is installed as a dual-boot on a spare machine with XP.


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