Windows XP SP3

In Windows Update yesterday I updated to Windows XP SP3. It didn’t seem to take very long at all. I had to accept some registry changes (with spybot’s teatimer application) and at the end I simply had to restart, which I expected.
After I restarted is when I started to get upset. As soon as it logged on to my user account I noticed that I was using the crappy Windows Classic theme. I thought “what the crap? Why would it change my theme… Oh, I bet it just unchecked that box in the Visual Settings to take off themes..”
So I went and re-checked that box that said “Use visual styles for buttons and windows” and then it gave me the other crappy Windows Default Blue theme…. Then I thought “Oh, I guess it just reverted my theme back to default, I’ll just go into display properties and change it back.”
When I went into the Appearance tab in Display Properties my XP Packed theme WASN’T THERE!
As soon as I realized this I thought “Oh no… It reverted my uxtheme DLL back to the Windows one :(“

I popped open Firefox and went to Google to find a new uxtheme.dll file. I first tried just replacing the DLL by hand. That didn’t work.. So I started up Unlocker and tried doing something very stupid.. When I tried to replace the old uxtheme.dll with the patched one I let Unlocker come up and listed for the Processes was EVERY single process running on my computer. I think this next move was the stupidest on my part.. I clicked the “Unlock All” button. I still couldn’t replace the uxtheme.dll file so I went off to the Tech Recipes page that gave a link to a CMD Replacer that would swap out the two DLL files. It told me to restart my computer, so I did. I got a stinkin’ Blue Screen Of Death in the MIDDLE of shutting down my computer. When I hit the power button to shut down my computer the first thing on my mind was “Oh S**T I’m not going to be able to access any of my data!”
Thankfully when I restarted my computer everything was still there. Instead of replacing the file by hand, I just let Replacer do everything. It told me to restart my computer when it was done but I didn’t. I just went right in to display properties and my XP Packed, Royal Deep theme was listed! Yay! All this was last night and everything was still fine this morning when I booted up my computer.

*FEW* (so tired now…) šŸ™‚


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  1. #1 by Tom on September 28, 2008 - 8:45 pm

    I had the same problem: After installing SP3 the uxtheme.dll was replaced by a new one. So I patched it again to get my XP-Packed-theme back, but it didn’t work. I can now use non-Microsoft themes, but not XP packed. Can you tell me which uxtheme.dll you use and what version of XP-Packed?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. #2 by lhamil64 (admin) on September 28, 2008 - 8:52 pm

    I went to Google and typed in “uxtheme.dll for Windows XP SP3” and it came up with the following website:

    I downloaded it off of there and then used the same method of replacing as before and everything worked fine. I think I used the latest version of XP Packed, which on deviantART is currently at 1.2 I believe.

    Also, If you want to troubleshoot any issues I suggest signing up and starting a thread at my forum:

  3. #3 by AndrewBoldman on June 5, 2009 - 1:38 am

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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