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To anyone who may be reading this blog, I have decided to make some changes to comments. The changes I have made are:

  • You must now be registered and logged in to WordPress.com to comment
  • Posts older than 30 days will be locked for new comments

Not many people are here anyway, and I’m tired of deleting tons of spam comments.


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iDrive: Free Online File Backup

Your computer may be working fine right now, but what would happen if your hard drive were to just break, right now? Would you have a backup of all your important data? What if your house burned down and you lost all your local backups?

If you have ever lost data, you know how frustrating it can be (or even devastating, depending on what you lost). No matter how you backup currently, you should always have your most important data backed up somewhere offsite, which is what iDrive is offering for free. If you sign up for the free account, you get 5gb of storage, which is enough space for your most important files. It even stores multiple versions (which don’t count towards your 5gb) so if some of your files corrupt (and get uploaded to your iDrive account) you can recover the old versions.

Sign up for a free iDrive account at this link.

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Join this tech forum!

If you like technology but need a community to talk tech with, you should consider joining a forum dedicated to technology. There are a lot of big tech forums already, but a smaller community can be really helpful at times. A new forum has been started by a member of the iFans website and needs more members.
The website is called All Tech Talk. It’s, as I mentioned before, a fairly new forum (it has only been up a few weeks) and it’s growing pretty rapidly.
It has great members and the administrators and moderators actually listen to member feedback, unlike some larger forums I know of.
And it has an arcade! Who doesn’t like playing random games while browsing the web?

You can sign up with the following link:


 DISCLAIMER: I am a member of this forum and, to be honest, trying to get referrals, but the forum IS really nice and you should sign up if you’re interested 🙂

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Google’s self driving car could enable my independence

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that Google put a blind person behind the wheel of a self driving car. This is amazing. Being blind myself, I will never be able to drive. I will always have to depend on someone else if I need to go to the store or to an appointment. I could take public transportation, but that’s only available in cities mostly (where I live currently doesn’t have much public transportation).
If Google could make these cars mainstream, I would probably try to get one as soon as possible. The only issues I could see would be liability issues and potentially issues with the sensors causing accidents and such, but accidents would be much less common with self driving cars (especially if every car was self driving and could communicate with each other).

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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Would you buy Cable TV from Google?

Last week sometime, Google filed for a “video franchise license” in Missouri, right around where they have been offering their Fiber optic internet service. If Google is granted this license, it would allow them to sell Cable TV service in this area. If you would like more details, check out the source link below, but I wanted to share my options on this.

When I first read this news, I was somewhat confused as to why Google would want to get into the cable TV market. With all of the online TV and movie services, it seems that people are trying to move AWAY from cable, not towards it. The only reason I can see is advertising. The majority of Google’s income is from ads, so it makes sense that they would want to make commercials for some extra money, and with the new fiber lines being installed in that area, it would be fairly simple to give users cable TV. Also, Google could integrate this service very nicely with their Google TV’s and possibly YouTube (maybe with the new privacy policy, they’ll use YouTube videos for the commercials?)

I’m not sure that I would actually sign up for cable TV from Google. I’m not planning on having actual cable TV in the future, since I don’t watch much TV anyway (pretty much just one or two shows a night, and I can watch those online). The only way I’d sign up is if it came bundled with Google’s Internet service (which is only available in Kansas City, and I don’t think there are any plans for it to come to my area soon).

Would you sign up for cable TV from Google if it were offered in your area?

The New York Post

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x10hosting account suspended

Hello to all of my readers.
Just a quick update about my previous website, http://lhamil64.x10hosting.com.
If any of you have this website, or any files/pages from this website bookmarked, please update them to point to this WordPress.com blog. My x10hosting account has been suspended because I no longer use it. There is no way for me to access these files ever again. I think I updated the Programs page to point to other locations for the files, but if not I will be correcting it shortly.
To anyone wondering whether you should sign up for this hosting, I’d say it depends on what you want to do. Definitely read the TOS, because you are not allowed to use this site for file hosting unless it’s directly related to your website. This is what got me suspended, because I left my wordpress install there when I abandoned the site. If you just want a basic website (or even a small blog or forum) this is an OK service. Note however, that if you don’t log in to the forums every 30 days, you account is temporarily suspended until you log in and un-suspend it. You do get warnings before you’re suspended (for this anyway. I was not warned about my permanent suspension).
If you are planning on hosting a large site, I would not recommend this service. You only get 3 MySQL databases, and everything else is limited as well. Although I would recommend not using a free host if you are looking to host a large website.

Thanks for reading,

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Happy New Year!

NOTE: This post was supposed to go live at midnight, but it didn’t, so here it is 🙂

For me at least (on the East coast) it is now 2012. Some of you have most likely been in 2012 for a few hours, while others still have a few more hours to wait. Now that it’s 2012, what are your plans and New Years resolutions? Personally, I don’t really have many plans except starting college.

As for this website, I plan to keep adding content, and maybe once I’m in college I’ll start making Youtube videos again (or maybe not, depending on how much work I have and how much free time I can spend making videos). I can’t promise anything but I’ll try :).

Hope everyone had a nice 2011 and hope 2012 goes even better!

Oh, and I can’t wait for the world to end in less than a year! 😉

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